West Stokes

Team Info
Rating 47.88 Mascot Wildcats
Rankings Location n/a
Record 0-3-0 Head Coach Colon Moore
Goals (GF-GA) 18-55 Website n/a
Division(s) Social Media n/a
Date Opponent W/L/T Score GD Opp SD Points +/-
2020-03-04 St Stephens L 3 - 23 -10 67.23 -9.35 47.88 0
2020-03-09 Davie L 6 - 21 -10 58.15 -0.27 47.88 0
2020-03-12 RB Glenn L 9 - 11 -2 49.88 0 47.88 -0.01
Totals 0-3-0 18-55 -22 175.27 -9.61 143.65 -0.00
  AGD SCHED Rating
Averages (3 Games) -7.33 55.21 47.88
Rating Math Key:
GD = Goal Differential to a maximum of 10 per game.
AGD = Average Goal Differential which should equal this team's AGD on the rankings page.
OPP = Opponent's Rating.
SD = Sportsmanship Differential. SD will not impact most games. Only occurs in non-counting game scenarios when two teams are more than 10 goals apart (1 point is equivalent to 1 goal) AND the higher rated team wins by 10 or more goals. Non-counting games will be easy to identify because there will be number greater than 0 in the SD column and the +/- column will zero out. The SD, if applicable, is equal to the team's overall rating minus opponent's rating (OPP) and then minus the team's goal differential (GD) for the game. Laxnumbers wants to encourage and promote good sportsmanship as well as player development by not forcing higher ranked teams to win by X amount to make up the math in the rankings.
SCHED = The sum of all OPP's plus the sum of all SD's averaged per game. Should equal this team's SCHED on the rankings page.
Points = GD + OPP + SD. The average "Points" is the team's rating.
+/- = Indicate whether the team performed better or worse than expected based upon Laxnumbers' ratings. Positive (+) numbers mean the team did better than expected and "helped" its rating. Negative (-) numbers mean the team performed worse than expected and "hurt" its rating. The average "+/-" should equal 0.00, but it is possible that rounding errors of 0.01 will occur occasionally. Larger error numbers indicate that a game scores has been changed or deleted since the last ratings calculation.