LaxNumbers Sponsorship Information

LaxNumbers has grown tremendously in the past few seasons by offering great services to the Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA), its teams, coaches, parents and players. For the 2018 season we are on pace to see 2M pageviews from as many as 30,000 unique visitors per month. At this time we are focused on maximum exposure for our sponsors by giving them access to our banner ad. Details:

  • Size/Location: Ad will run top/right or top/center on all pages. Default size is 728x90, but will dynamically shrink to 468x60 or 320x50 for smaller devices.
  • Cost: $1000 USD for one year
  • Frequency: Ad will display on every 5th pageview to each visitor

If you are interested in sponsoring LaxNumbers or would like more information, please email us at