LaxNumbers Newsflash

Boys Regional Rankings Are Live!
Posted: 2019-04-11 22:40:00 ET

Bringing back another Laxpower staple, we are excited to announce that our Boy HS regional ranking are now live.  Reorganized slightly from the past, we have organized the U.S. into 5 regions.  Any state ranking that is not yet live means teams in those states will not be ranked in the regional rankings.  In the Mid-Atlantic, South and West, virtually every state is live and most teams are in the regional rankings.  The Northeast Regional Ranking does not yet have rankings for MA, RI, NH, VT and ME teams, but we are hoping to have many of those live by the beginning of next week.  There are also a number of Midwest Regional States that are not yet live and they too won't be ranked in the regional rankings until we have enough data to turn the state live.

In areas where teams have played only a few games, expect quite a bit of movement on a daily/weekly basis as teams approach the 10 game mark on the season.  

Enjoy our latest addition and we look forward to releasing our first National Ranking next week!

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