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Laxnumber's Recruit Database Now Live!

by Laxnumbers

Laxnumbers, like its predecessor LaxPower, is focused on the game, the player and the data that supports it. The Recruit Database is built on information gathered from searching over 200 club, college, newspaper, recruiting and Lacrosse websites to build a comprehensive, search-able, database. Because of this, while every attempt is made to check, up-date and correct its listings, Laxnumbers cannot certify the accuracy of this information at any given time but we do our best to ensure we are as accurate as possible offers the most comprehensive list of recruits for boys and girls lacrosse for the years 2020, 2021 and 2022. You can find the Recruits Page here.

We offer up-to-date listings for boys in girls in an easy to search list and include:

  • First and last name
  • Year
  • State
  • Home Town
  • High School
  • Club Team
  • Position
  • Division
  • College

We also provide complete lists in alphabetical order (all years) by:

  • Last name
  • College
  • High school
  • Club
  • State

Please submit any missing recruits information through our questionaire on the Recruits homepage. Thank you for your support!