Union Pines

Team Info
Rating 53.70 Mascot Vikings
Rankings Location
Record 0-3-0 Head Coach
Goals (GF-GA) 16-50 Website
Division(s) Social Media
Date Opponent W/L/T Score GD Opp SD Points +/-
2021-03-01 Cape Fear HS L 4 - 17 -10 63.19 0 53.19 -0.5
2021-03-12 Cape Fear HS L 7 - 16 -9 63.19 0 54.19 0.49
2021-03-22 Cary Academy L 5 - 17 -10 68.45 -4.76 53.69 0
Totals 0-3-0 16-50 -29 194.84 -4.75 161.07 -0.01
  AGD SCHED Rating
Averages (3 Games) -9.66 63.36 53.68
Rating Math Key:
GD = Goal Differential to a maximum of 10 per game.
AGD = Average Goal Differential which should equal this team's AGD on the rankings page.
OPP = Opponent's Rating.
SD = Sportsmanship Differential. SD will not impact most games. Only occurs in non-counting game scenarios when two teams are more than 10 goals apart (1 point is equivalent to 1 goal) AND the higher rated team wins by 10 or more goals. Non-counting games will be easy to identify because there will be number greater than 0 in the SD column and the +/- column will zero out. The SD, if applicable, is equal to the team's overall rating minus opponent's rating (OPP) + 10 (GD). Laxnumbers wants to encourage and promote good sportsmanship as well as player development by not forcing higher ranked teams to win by X amount to make up the math in the rankings.
SCHED = The sum of all OPP's plus the sum of all SD's averaged per game. Should equal this team's SCHED on the rankings page.
Points = GD + OPP + SD. The average "Points" is the team's rating.
+/- = Indicate whether the team performed better or worse than expected based upon Laxnumbers' ratings. Positive (+) numbers mean the team did better than expected and "helped" its rating. Negative (-) numbers mean the team performed worse than expected and "hurt" its rating. The average "+/-" should equal 0.00, but it is possible that rounding errors of 0.01 will occur occasionally. Larger error numbers indicate that a game scores has been changed or deleted since the last ratings calculation.